This is not good news for providers who allow their competitors to deliver the information. But from the dawn of time, also, human beings have held back from searching until confronted with a pressing concern: hunger, mental/physical loneliness or a precipitous and niggling thirst for knowledge. Responsiveness can also mean that because of the geographic position or the time of day, it is important to provide information on whether and to what extent the product or service is currently available. Which search system is the seeker using? After quickly checking and correcting the modems stop bit parity he finally manages to hook up to the Internet via AOL. Optimisation for cross-system retrievability instead of Google visibility. In many cases, then, the search systems had no choice but to offer one link for each different topic in the hit list, and then to analyse what the seeker selected. This marked the dawning age of the Homo keywordus: a human being, hunched over a desktop PC hooked up to the Internet by fixed cable connection, pounding individual terms (keywords) into the narrow prompt bar of a search engine. In consequence, he or she is currently unable to engage in any protracted search requests, and most certainly doesnt have the time or headspace to scroll through a seemingly endless hit list. A search system is quite simply unable to deliver better results, as it cannot establish any contextuality with essential secondary factors than the data themselves permit. Perhaps a place to sit down? And so, completely unnoticed, some specimens of Homo keywordus have evolved into the genus Homo search assistant. This did not change with the emergence of the Internet: since then, digital systems such as Delivery Hero, Friendscout and Google have satisfied the needs of countless seekers. More advanced search engine experts also talk of search experience optimisation, which describes the optimisation of the user experience during searching.

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In many cases this will improve the handling of expectations. This is where the actual work started: each document peeking out from behind the link might just satisfy the seekers expectations or it might not. How will SEO work if the device doesnt have a display? It only takes a glance at smart watches and search devices without screen or keyboard to realise that this idea was obsolete before it started. The fixed line Internet cable? How do I measure and optimise rankings if search systems prioritise results based on the seekers context? The term implies a streamlined process within an information retrieval system, but actually means the manipulation of so-called ranking factors to improve the identification of certain websites for defined search queries within search systems. In which systems do I have to be retrievable? There is no doubt that the online marketing disciplines of SEO and CRO belong together: SEO activities only acquire meaning once convertibility has been established. Visibility and retrievability are two different things.

the data consisted entirely of the term that the seeker had typed into the narrow prompt bar. It can be a trifle laborious to tap preconceived keywords into the prompt bar of a search system shown on a smartphone display, and then to visit the first ten websites in the millions of results. The memory bank on a computers motherboard? The ten comfortingly familiar blue links? Just yesterday, SEO was nothing other than providing a mobile version of a website originally designed for a static desktop. Anyone who has ever attempted to locate a good navigation device using Bings largest competitor (Google) will almost immediately understand what this means: frustration is practically pre-programmed, as huge numbers of websites have been manipulated to ensure good visibility, but not. And from the earliest days, human beings have responded to the results of their quests: unpalatable food, unsuitable partners and useless information almost instantaneously transform a positive mood into an icy demeanour. Of course these restaurant owners are digitally visible somewhere, but ultimately impossible to locate for people using Siri and Yelp. Responsiveness can mean that the seeker is out and about. Where is the seeker currently located? Do I find what I expected? We have been searching from the earliest days of human history: sometimes for food, a mate, even meaning. After all: SEO traffic is worthless until the moment of conversion.

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